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We have been raised to build  Gods city and set captives free.-Is 45:13.

We are also guardians of the ancient path.  Jer 18:15.

                                                                   July 2011: Pastors versus CEO’s

                                                                   June 2011: Grace versus Faith

                                                                                May 2011: Giving vs Prospering

                                                                  April 2011: Denominations vs d kingdom

                                                                  March 2011:Anointing Versus Character

                                                                  February 2011:Church of the living God

                                                              Jan 2011:D year destinies will b made

                                                                  Nov 2010:Preaching the gospel

                                                                               Oct 2010:The nature of our warfare                  

                                                                              Sept 2010: The weapons of our warfare


Nov 2011:The Kingdom Vs New Jerusalem  Aug 10:Why Christians are not prospering

Oct 2011:Salvation Versus Tribulations            July 2010: Gods View on prosperity

Sept 2011:Divine Health Versus Healing         June 2010:Gods kingdom,Coming Kingdom

Aug 2011:Converts Versus Disciples                May 2010:Faith,Hope,Wishful Thinking.



October 2012: The End

September 2012:The Laodecian  Church

August 2012:Enemies Within

July 2012: God the Holy Spirit

June 2012: The Man,Jesus.

May 2012:Faith of our Fathers

April 2012:Men as Giants

March 2012:Becoming Mature in God

February 2012:Finishing Strong

Jan 2012: Sweat-Less Victories